Play-doh Pics

I've been a bit obsessed with a particular Richard Billingham photo for a while. It's from Billingham's book 'Ray's a Laugh', which captures his dysfunctional family torn apart by the ravages of alcoholism and poverty, their squalid surroundings and violent interactions. 

You'll probably know the image in question – it captures his father Ray throwing a cat across a room. I just love the way both Ray's arms and the cat's legs are sprawled out in a similar fashion and both faces appear to show some kind of horror.

Anyway, I was doing a google image browse some of his other images and I stumbled across a brilliant version by Eleanor Macnair who has a great tumblr called Photographs rendered in Play-doh. I think this one was an earlier creation of hers, but do check the site out. 

What I like about the project, beyond the work itself, is that it has exposed me to photographers that I otherwise wouldn't have heard of or seen. Bravo! 

Richard is making a film called 'Ray & Liz' after a successful kickstarter campaign.